Have you attended our Android developer class to completion?Here we will teach you how to put your app in Google Play Store JUST FOR FREE.


The first step in publishing is to register for Google Play at the Google Play publisher site. The process is relatively straightforward and should only take you a few minutes. Note: There is a $25 USD charge to register.

The publishing process

The publishing process in Google Play can be a lot quicker if you have all of the store listing content complete and available before you start. So when you're ready to publish your app, here are the items you should have available:

Your final Andromo application file (APK) to be uploaded. It must be under 50MB in size to be accepted.

The title for your app (max 30 characters).

A description of your app (max 4000 characters).

High-res icon, 512 x 512 32-bit PNG (with alpha).

At least 2 screenshots are required overall (Max 8 screenshots per type), JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). Min length for any side: 320px. Max length for any side: 3840px. (You can upload a maximum of 8 screenshots per type. Types include "Phone", "7-inch tablet" and "10-inch tablet".)

Optional items that can be updated later include:
Optional promo text (80 characters) and promo graphic. Promo graphic needs to be 180w x 120 h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).
Screenshots: Only 2 are required, but you can upload a maximum of 8 screenshots per type. Types include "Phone", "7-inch tablet" and "10-inch tablet".
Feature graphic: 1024w x 500h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).

If you think you’re ready to start coding, head over to the APPLY NOW section and begin creating!