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Django is a widely-used Python web application framework. They say it has with a "batteries-included".This philosophy means that the common functionality for building web applications should come with the framework instead of as separate libraries.

Django is an extremely popular and fully featured server-side web framework, written in Python. It is the most popular web server frameworks,and in this course you will learn how to set up a development environment, and how to get started with using it to create your own web applications.

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The Django project's stability, performance and community have grown tremendously over the past decade since the framework's creation. Detailed tutorials and good practices are readily available on the web and in books. The framework continues to add significant new functionality such as database migrations with each release.


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What You Will Learn

Create a website from scratch using Django

Learn Django from beginner through to fully functional levels

Build authentication systems, map integration, web services and more

Test and de-bug your site

Create web applications to solve a multitude of problems and needs

What do we use?

Django: It eases the creation of complex database-driven websites with its framework by creating web applications, specifically software normally backed by a database that includes some kind of interactivity and operates through a browser.

Python: Python is one of the most widely used, general purpose programming languages in the world that emphasises simplicity and readability, and has almost endless uses in all areas from Graphical User Inteface programing.

PyCharm: This is a smart code editor that supports Python and a number of other languages like JavaScript, CSS and more. It is an IDE that provides code analysis, graphical debugging and supports web development with Django.

Git: Git is a free and open source version control system that handles projects with speed and data integrity. It will record changes you make as you build your website so that if you need to recall and earlier version, you can do so easily.

What it costs

Want to build web sites using the Python language and tools you love?

Django is a world-class framework for doing just that.

With tons of handy third-party packages, and a focus on fast creation, Django is one of the most popular web frameworks for the Python language.

By the end of the course, you'll know the basics of Python, how to install and start using Django, how to use a database with Python and your Django app, and much more.


This course comes at 20,000/= Kenya Shillings.

Admission Requirements

For you to get the Most out of this course,you need to be good at Python and any Database Management Software.

Again,Students require a Python 2.7 installation and a simple text editor at the bare minimum

The course is taught using PyCharm as the editor, as there is a free multiplatform version available.

GIT is also recommended for version control throughout the course, so it is advised to have it installed and ready for use.


Length of Study - 1 Month


Imporatnce of Django

Django is a high-level Python web framework that enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites. Built by experienced developers, Django takes care of much of the hassle of web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel.


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